Flash Chuana Grid Responsive Blogger Template

Chuana Flash Grid Responsive Blogger Template

Chuana Flash Responsive Blogger Template – Grid Template I Launches in the day of my birthday. : D This template I created on request bloggers us.
Chuana Flash Responsive Grid Blogger Template

Template Chuana Flash also suitable for themed blog Blogger templates / WordPress, Gallery, Creative, even if it’s a little template given script seasoning online Store, this template will be used for online sales web.
In addition, the template is also equipped with features that are very important for a template, such as Responsive, SEO, Valid Structure Data, Navigation Menu, Column Advertising, Subscribe Box, and various other features. CSS this template has also been my compress to speed up loading the blog and possible shortcomings of the compressed CSS this is becoming more difficult to edit the Style in this template because CSS is already mixed.
this template is a template Devotion Grid new version or a version in 2016, because in terms of sizes look different and therefore I give it a different name too in order template with this style can easily be remembered.
Responsive True
SEO Optimization True
Valid Structure Data True
Breaking News True
Top Social Media Widget True
Ads Zone Ready True
Navigation Menu with Sub Menu True
Post Grid with Effect True
3 Column Footer True
Subscribe Widget True
Breadcrumbs True
Share Article Button True
Author Box True
Related Posts with Thumbnails True
Back To Top True
Modern Comments Style True
Emoji Emoticons True
And Much More … It’s True
prohibited delete / edit / falsified credit link template maker. Respect other people’s work, if you want to be appreciated.

Info: February 16, 2016 – Birthday Rhinokage Rio to 16 ( Say Congratulations )
Update v.2.0:
– Improved the grid view.
– Removal script is not required.
– Display does not change.

Wait another interesting template that will be shared on this blog.


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