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Idblogevo Forum Blogger Template is a Blogger template as the Forum Idblogschool or BincangBlog , it is actually a feature of These templates are not as many, but if my friend wanted template simple, fast and fresh , this template is suitable for a friend who likes simple-simple .. ( White ).
If my friend asked Is template artificial?

The answer is not , this template only Modifications / Mixed so if there is any damage or problems on this template with My friend can contact through social media available on Top Menu Wrapper at the top of this blog …

IdBlogEvo Icon Image
Update Pictures Post Homepage :
Change the code below:

With the code below:

Below is Features Template Idblogevo :
  • responsive
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Simple And Fresh Menu Dropdown With Tooltip
  • fresh Simple And White
  • Fixed Search, Share, Follow And Comment Button On Post Page
  • Ads Banner 728×90
  • Simple BackToTop
  • Post Count
  • View More Post
  • Ads Inside Post
  • Breadcrumbs Hidden
  • No Sidebar
  • Button Join This Site
  • Emoticon version Facebook
  • Conversion Code
  • Page Not Found (Simple Style)
  • jQuery Plugin TIMEAGO
  • More …

If my friend interested in the template and its features please download this template free …

Before Download Remove Signs Used to deselect it.

Wait Template other attractions which will be shared on this blog. 🙂

February 16, 2015 – Admin Blog World Blanter Birthday Ke 15

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